Year Two

October 6, 2019

Today I came home from work after an unusually hard morning. On the drive, I’d been thinking about what exactly I was feeling, and boiled it down to a sense of being left out of something important to me. I walked in the door and found Aaron in his office and told him what I was feeling and that I needed extra love today. He wrapped me up in a huge hug and just held me for a bit – not asking too many questions, not trying to fix anything, just BEING with me.

To my love: you are my biggest blessing. Nothing fixes the pain of rejection, or loneliness, or disappointment like knowing you are there beside me. Being with you multiplies my joys and gives me a place to retreat from the harshness of the world. You are kind and tender-hearted, insightful and open-minded, a problem-solver and a forgiver. How lucky I am to have found you. We flew past our second anniversary in May with the arrival of Lucy girl in April, but know that with each year that passes, I love you more.

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