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Year Two

October 6, 2019

Today I came home from work after an unusually hard morning. On the drive, I’d been thinking about what exactly I was feeling, and boiled it down to a sense of being left out of something important to me. I walked in the door and found Aaron in his office and told him what I was feeling and that I needed extra love today. He wrapped me up in a huge hug and just held me for a bit – not asking too many questions, not trying to fix anything, just BEING with me.

To my love: you are my biggest blessing. Nothing fixes the pain of rejection, or loneliness, or disappointment like knowing you are there beside me. Being with you multiplies my joys and gives me a place to retreat from the harshness of the world. You are kind and tender-hearted, insightful and open-minded, a problem-solver and a forgiver. How lucky I am to have found you. We flew past our second anniversary in May with the arrival of Lucy girl in April, but know that with each year that passes, I love you more.


Lucinda Rose

September 27, 2019

I’ve been wanting to share Lucy’s birth story for a while now, but haven’t found the time to get all of it down on paper until now! Lucy was due on April 19 – the middle of a semester for me. I hoped to work right up until the end, and almost made it! The week before she was due, I was getting ready to teach my long, three-hour class and started to feel really nauseated. I’d been sick quite a bit throughout my pregnancy, so it wasn’t new to feel like I needed to have a drink of something fizzy or have a few crackers to settle my stomach, but those things didn’t work this time. Instead, during the break, I went and threw up in the bathroom! I still had two hours left and was going to try to make it through, but about five minutes into starting class again, I told them I wasn’t feeling well and barely made it to the bathroom a second time before throwing up again. I cancelled class, and probably should’ve called Aaron to come pick me up, but drove home and threw up a third time in the parking lot! The next 24 hours were a horrifying blur – I would take a few sips of water, and then wretch that up 20 minutes later. Aaron was up with me all night, holding a trash can since I could hardly walk. About 36 hours later, we drove into the hospital. Here’s the crazy thing – we found out later that this wasn’t pregnancy related at all! Aaron caught whatever bug I had, and then my mom had it a few days later. They gave me some Zofran and a few bags of fluid, and I felt so. much. better. Then they sent us home!

The other issue that caused quite a few problems during the last week was round ligament pain. How is this not a thing I’ve ever heard other people talk about before? I kept having this terrible, tearing feeling in my lower right abdomen that got so bad I could barely walk and was sleeping in the rocker because it hurt too much to lie down. And now that I know a little bit about it, something like 30% of women have this during late pregnancy in varying degrees!

I had an appointment with our midwife on the 16th or 17th – I can’t remember exactly – and when they hooked me up to the fetal monitor, they said I was having contractions (baby ones – lulled me into a very false sense of security, ha!) but that it was too early to admit me. So we went home again! That night, I kept getting in and out of the bathtub, as the water was the only thing that relieved some of the ligament pain I was feeling. Aaron was so helpful – drawing the baths and sitting with me. That night around midnight, the contractions were within the timing framework needed to go back in, but they said I was only dilated 3 cms! They said we would have to go home again until I was further dilated (we about died at that point – we were so incredibly tired and I was in so much pain from these other issues I’d been having). Also, the birthing center was so busy that night! As we were waiting in the ER, another woman’s water broke! And there were so many women in the triage waiting area, they didn’t have beds for everyone.

On a quick test before I left, my blood pressure was high and because that hadn’t been an issue for me during pregnancy, they re-tested it several times. This was the miracle we needed – the midwife told us, “Well, you won yourself a spot here. We’ll give you something to get your BP down, and then let’s induce you!” I honestly don’t even remember too much of the rest of that night – I had a bad reaction to one of the medications they gave me, and felt completely out of my body for a while. I remember sweating profusely in the bed and feeling like I wanted to ask for help, but couldn’t make my mouth form the words. It was strange – like being in a dream that you want to get out of, but can’t.

The next morning, my contractions kept getting progressively stronger, only the equipment in the room to monitor them wasn’t working! They brought in another machine with a Jeopardy-style “buzzer” for me to click at the beginning and end of each contraction, but that wasn’t working either. The contractions were getting really strong at that point, so Aaron got his phone out and was tracking them on that while they were doing their third attempt at monitoring my contractions and Lucy’s safety with a scalp monitor. They placed that successfully, and it was a relief to have some affirmation that what I was feeling was really late-stage labor! At about 6 cm dilated, I had an epidural, and it was so incredibly wonderful. The anesthesiologist was a young guy – probably in his 20’s! – and I was nervous, wondering how many of these he’d done before! He placed it without any problem, and said it was the easiest one he’d done all day.

I slept for a few hours and then woke up again when I started to feel like I needed to push. I had my mom and Aaron in the room with me, and my mom was holding my head and Aaron was holding one of my legs. The midwife was going in and out of the room, as there were two other women in the birthing center pushing at that time as well! One of the things I wish I’d known better is how normal it is for the pushing stage to last for several hours – for some reason, I had some recollection of hearing an OB tell a woman, “you can do this in 3 pushes or 30 pushes, it’s up to you.” So I thought if she wasn’t coming out quickly, it was because I wasn’t pushing hard enough! I think I pushed for about an hour and a half, and afterward, the midwife said she’s had lots of women push for 2.5-3 hours. I remember crying at one point and saying to Aaron, “I can’t do it, I don’t think she’ll come out,” when I’d been pushing as hard as I could and didn’t know if I could do it. And then – one long push – and I felt this rush as her head came out, and Aaron said “that’s it, she’s almost here!” and then one more push, and there she was. Our sweet girl arrived on Good Friday, 4/19 at 4:19 PM.

As I’m writing this, I have tears in my eyes remembering this moment! They put our precious girl on my tummy, and I remember putting my hands around her and holding her close. I couldn’t believe that after all those months on the inside, she was here – so tiny and absolutely perfect. She was 7 pounds, 6 ounces, and 19 inches long. Aaron went out and told the rest of our families she’d arrived, and we spent the next several hours together – just Aaron and me with our girl. I breastfed her, and Aaron read her a book called “You Belong Here.” When they were ready to move us down to the recovery floor, we had another really special moment – they were doing a tour for pregnant moms and their partners, and all of these expectant women were lined up in the hallway as they wheeled us out! They all clapped for us, and it was just this really special moment of connection with these other to-be moms.

The next few hours were full of family – both of our sets of parents were there, and my Auntie Joanne was there from Seattle too. We have a special tradition that my Auntie Joanne has been doing for Casey and me since we were born: she “named” each of us with an animal when we arrived. Casey has always been “Courageous Casey,” symbolized by a lion, and I have always been “Precious Lindsey,” with a rocking horse. Each year at Christmas, we get an ornament of our animal – so I have a 34 rocking horse ornaments! In the recovery room, Auntie Joanne gave us a little package for Lucy: a sweet little vintage lamb ornament. So our “little lamb” she is! Casey and Jenn arrived early the next morning – they’d been so excited my whole pregnancy, and it was so fun to see them with their niece! Aaron’s sister Rachel and her partner Gavin and their three kids all came that Easter weekend, and we have such good memories of the little ones meeting their new cousin.

Recovery went relatively really well – I was up walking right away, and didn’t have too much pain. It was so helpful to have family stay and give us a hand with nighttime, fixing meals, etc. We also had so many special friends visit over the next few months. It’s made me so grateful for friends who feel like family! One of my oldest friends, Juliana, came up with her daughter Noelle (Juliana was a bridesmaid and Noelle was our flower girl a few years ago) and on her way out, she grabbed our full diaper pail bag and hauled it out to the trash. Like I said – friends who feel like family. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of people in our lives.

Fast forward and Lucy is now five months old! She’s growing so incredibly quickly… she is now at the height of an average 7 month old! She’s long out of 3-6 month outfits and onto 9-12 months. She surprises us every day with the new things she’s learning: giggling when we sing “itsy bitsy spider” to her, splashing around in her tub, lifting her arms to be picked up, and giving us lots of coos and smiles. I remember one of my friends wrote in our baby shower book, “prepare to have your heart broken wide open in the best possible way” – which is exactly how we feel! We love our sweet girl more than we ever imagined we could.


May Flowers

May 4, 2018

The weather is starting to turn here, and it’s feeling like spring. We’ve had several days of 75+ weather, followed by rainy days, which is making everything grow like crazy. I especially love the periwinkle bluebells that’ve been sprouting up around the big trees. Aaron’s been working hard at the farm, putting in a couple hours each day before or after work. It’s amazing how much better things look around the yard with the grass mowed and trees getting trimmed. The farm had been vacant for 10 years before we bought it, so everything was in pretty run down condition. We’ve been able to chip away at it, bit by bit, and have probably taken 50+ tractor loads to the dump. One of the most frustrating things has been an old car that was abandoned and left on the property. It has all the windows punched out, mold inside, etc., and is worthless. We saw a number posted that said they take junk cars, so we called the number. They said we had to have a police person come out and sign a junk slip and then they would come remove it. So we called the non-emergency police line, and they said they’d have someone come out. That never happened, so we called again and finally were able to schedule someone to visit. They signed the slip, and we found out it had to be notarized. So we went to a UPS store that was listed online as having a notary; they said they didn’t have one but to go to any bank and they would do it for us. We went to a bank in Bonney Lake, but they said they only do that for their customers. They referred us to a nearby auto center. The auto center said they had a notary, but that because this was related to a vehicle, it was a conflict of interest (what?). So finally we had to drive all the way up to Auburn, where our nearest bank is, and then they said we had to bring an original copy of our marriage license – the photocopied one we had wasn’t enough. This is the kind of runaround that’s driving us nuts! It seems like nothing is simple in this process.

In other news, we had a fun recent trip to Washington DC for a work event. I volunteer with the Washington Association of Marriage & Family Therapy, and they asked me to go DC to help lobby for inclusion of MFTs on several bills expanding Medicare providers. They had a lobbyist that accompanied me to visit Patty Murray and Dave Reichert’s offices. It wasn’t as stressful as I thought it might be – the lobbyist helped with the details, and I shared more of the “on the ground” knowledge of how not being covered by Medicare impacts our community here. We spent several days after the lobbying touring DC. My favorite museums were the Museum of American History and the Museum of African-American History.

Museum of American History Favorites:

  • A centuries-old house that they transplanted into the museum and told detailed stories of the families who lived there.
  • The women’s rights movement memerobilia
  • Julia Child’s cooking school certificate
  • Mr. Roger’s sweater
  • Mary Todd Lincoln’s dress
  • Michelle Obama’s inauguration gown
  • Abraham Lincoln’s hat

Museum of African American History Favorites:

  • Harriet Tubman’s shawl
  • Emmett Till memorial
  • Rosa Park’s dress
  • Rucksack poem
  • Nat Turner’s Bible
  • Point of Pines cabin

I’m so glad it’s the weekend, and am looking forward to relaxing some with Aaron. We made a rhubarb-strawberry crisp yesterday with some fresh rhubarb we bought at a new farmer’s market near the farm. Can’t wait until we get our own produce up and going! Also, I had to include a picture of the most amazing omelette Aaron made – he makes these regularly from our chickens’ eggs and includes fresh spinach, tomatoes, quinoa, and a bunch of other good stuff!

We are coming up on our one-year wedding anniversary later this month, and I have a list going of some of the fun things I’d like to do together in the area:

  • Visit my favorite brunch restaurant, Portage Bay Cafe in Seattle for their migas and French toast.
  • Visit the new Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle.
  • Drive up to see the flowers at Floret, a family farm specializing in unique and heirloom flowers.

Happy May to you all!


Antique Shopping

December 31, 2017

We’ve had a great few days in Reedsport visiting my parents. My dad has been working here for the last month or so, and my mom and I have had fun driving over to Coos Bay and Florence to go antique shopping while he’s busy.

I found this twin-sized blue and white antique quilt at a little shop in Coos Bay for $45 a few days ago. It’s in great condition, and I love the colors and pattern. Perfect for cozying up under while watching “The Crown” with my mom. We are almost through with Season 1 and hoping to get to Season 2 today.

Happy New Year’s Eve!


Merry Christmas!

December 29, 2017

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season! We spent a week with Aaron’s family at the B&B in White Salmon. It was so fun that it started to snow on Christmas Eve and turned everything into a winter wonderland by morning. Some of the highlights of that week included:

  • We carried on a special tradition with our nephews and niece that my Auntie Joanne began with Casey and me when we were born. Each year, she gives us an ornament: a rocking horse for “precious Lindsey,” and a lion for “courageous Casey.” We now have Christmas trees full of rocking horse and lion ornaments! We thought about what we wanted Little Aaron, Maz, and Ava, and picked the Wise Owl (Little Aaron), the Tenderhearted Turtle (Maz), and the Mischievous Mouse (Ava). It was so fun to tell them the story of how that tradition began, and to give them their first ornaments.
  • Aaron spent weeks making beautiful cutting boards for Christmas presents. He thought carefully about what he wanted to include for each person. For my parents, he used purple heart (my mom’s favorite color) and myrtlewood, which only grows on the PNW coast. He made a “wave” pattern for the ocean through middle! For Casey and Jenn, he made a more modern looking board with walnut and maple, and for mine he used a dark African wood called “wenge” and maple and purple heart. I don’t have a picture yet of mine (I was busy unwrapping it!) but am including photos of the other two.
  • Reading with Ava – she loves story time by the fire!
  • Aaron’s Christmas tradition breakfast of coffee cake and strawberries.
  • Connie and Oma completed several puzzles together.
  • Connie and Aaron made a yule cake and hope to keep that tradition going each year.

Other not-so-fun updates:

  • Papa (Aaron’s grandpa) went to the hospital as he was short of breath and sick with bronchitis.
  • Aaron passed his cold on to me! So I was sick for most of Christmas.

Last but not least – a family member told us they’d tried to contact us using the “contact me” button at the top of the blog. We realized that that’s not working correctly! Sorry, Janine! 🙂 We will try to get that fixed. Until then, feel free to email us at:

Are you setting any resolutions for 2018? My resolution is to continue to be more kind to people. It’s so easy to be short when I’m feeling stressed – I’m working on trying to be more patient and thoughtful about how I respond. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!


Wedding Photos

September 2, 2017

It was so fun to get our wedding photos back yesterday – we sat on the couch together and got teary thinking about what a special day that was. Thank you to Megan Holloway who took such beautiful, light-filled pictures for us!

Some of my favorite things as I look back through them:

  • The wooden ring box Aaron made, with the inscription on the inside that matched what my great-grandpa wrote for my great-grandma when he gave her the same ring.
  • The bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dress, and ring bearer’s suit my mom made. I loved the colors so much!
  • The beautiful cake Aaron’s mom made. It was just what I envisioned.
  • The garter and little white Bible that my mom and grandma both wore/carried at their weddings.
  • The ladder from our farm that Bethany used to put such a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony site together.
  • Our fun getaway bus – Luna. We realized that the initials in the laurel of our programs spell out most of Luna’s name… so she was meant to be.
Family, Farm

Photos by Bethany

April 29, 2017

Our sweet friend Bethany drove down from Seattle (braving Friday traffic – with her two month old, Ireland!) yesterday evening to take some pictures of Aaron and me at the farm! Bethany is one of the most creative, talented people I know – do you know anyone else who is piecing together a new quilt two weeks after having a baby? She throws floral arranging classes, does all kinds of sewing projects for her kiddos, bakes fancy things, photographs people, etc. – all while having a three year old and an infant! She is amazing.

For any of you looking for a florist or photographer for your wedding or special event, feel free to contact me for Bethany’s contact info!

Here are some of the beautiful photographs she took – ones we will love forever. Thank you, Bethany!


Spring Break

April 18, 2017

Aaron’s nephew, “little” Aaron (named after him), came to visit us during his spring break! We had a great time taking him to the dog park, up to Seattle to see the space needle, and to our neighborhood treat spot – Ice Cream Social.

I’m also including a few photos from the work Dave did in our bathroom while he and Connie were visiting. Thank you, Dave, for all of your help! We bought some paint samples yesterday and are trying to decide between “sawgrass” and “campfire smoke.” We want something light and bright since the bathroom is tiny. I will post more pictures once we finish everything up!

Family, Farm

Connie’s Photos

April 18, 2017

Connie and Dave came up to visit us several weeks ago, and were helpful with things at our house (next steps in repairing the bathroom ceiling that fell through during the winter storms) and at the farm (trimming back branches around electrical cables). Connie took these beautiful macro photos around the property and I thought we had to share them!

Family, Farm

Books, Books, Books

March 18, 2017

One of the things I’m learning about Aaron is that once his interest in something is piqued, he goes 110% into research mode! In our efforts to get things going with the farm, he ordered about 40 used books on all aspects of home renovation and “green” living. He dreams of living completely off the land, wearing home-sewn clothes, canning, dehydrating pickling, and having as close to a zero impact footprint as possible! He now has a host of Excel documents detailing things like “planning out raised beds for gardening and researching companion planting techniques to maximize yield and repel pests and disease as naturally as possible.” (I just asked him to summarize this for me). 🙂

He surprised me with some books he picked out just for me as well – most on farmhouse style. He knows me well! One of my favorites is a book called “A Touch of Farmhouse Charm” by Liz Fourez – author of the blog Love Grows Wild. With all of the decor books out there, this one stands out to me because of the fun DIY projects inside! She has a whole list of things to make – from farmhouse signs, to pillow covers, to cake stands. Most of the projects are fairly simple, which I like – they can be done in a few hours! And the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Between work, farm, and wedding planning, there isn’t much time for additional things, so I’m looking forward to summer when life will be lighter and we can do some fun projects together.