Safe in the Storm

October 15, 2016

It is stormy here in Washington! We’ve had several long, full days of heavy rain and winds that are expected to be 50+ miles per hour tonight and tomorrow morning. Yesterday as I was leaving for work, I heard water running in the bathroom (at home in Tacoma – not at the farm). When I went upstairs to check on it, I saw a huge portion of the ceiling was caving in! The latex paint had basically turned into a big water balloon holding gallons of rainwater that was leaking in from a hole in the roof where some of the shingles had blown off and the plastic panel underneath had either worn away or wasn’t put on properly. Luckily someone was able to come out right away to help us do a temporary seal so that it’s watertight for the rest of the weekend until a roofer can come out on Tuesday.

We drove out to the farm this afternoon to make sure that everything was ok and that no trees had fallen onto the house. We did see several downed trees and lots with broken branches, including one of the pear trees lining the driveway, but the buildings all seem to be intact.

Aaron just made a batch of homemade crockpot hot chocolate – yum. The recipe says it’s supposed to simmer for three hours… I’m thinking that could be a flexible estimate. 🙂 I’m grateful for Aaron, who’s helped me with so much over the last few days, cozy living rooms, candles, and a dry house! We hope everyone else is staying safe and warm in the storm.

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