Demo Day!

September 18, 2016

There are few things that bring more excitement than demolition day. The start of a new project and the cleansing of the old trappings of a house long past its prime. For us, demo day started with tearing back a bit of the wall and ceiling shortly after getting keys to the house. To our surprise, the 1960’s pink sheetrock and old ceiling panels hid beautiful original cedar planks. This was on top of the fact that the ugly linoleum was covering gorgeous old fir flooring. A great find for a short day.

A longer full demo day was planned and we were overjoyed when several family members made the trek to Buckley to see our budding farm and help us tear down the mid-century façade. We tore off the rest of the downstairs sheetrock to expose the cedar siding, and made quick work of the dusty ceiling panels. We started the process of removing the old bathroom wall and a kitchen wall that will eventually add much needed square footage to an open concept kitchen, dining room, and living room. And finally we took down the old cabinets in the kitchen, making sure to salvage the antique Crane Kitchen Pride sink.

The demo exposed some potential new problems and challenges for the project, but also gave us tremendous hope and excitement for the beautiful old woodwork we hope to restore and feature in the final renovation. After filling 35 contractor bags and cleaning up the debris we called it a day and headed back to Tacoma. Demo day wouldn’t have been possible (or as fun) without the great support from our family and we look forward to the next step in this farm restoration project.

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  • Reply Vikki H September 19, 2016 at 1:56 pm

    A wonderful project and you will enjoy it so much! Yes, it’s hard work but how rewarding it will be to sit down on a porch someday and ponder this spot! Keep up the blog as it’s fun to read.

  • Reply Cindy October 13, 2016 at 5:28 am

    Demo day… is there anything better!?!? 😊 Thanks for letting us be a part of this! I loved finding all of the hidden gems…the beautiful floor and ceiling on the main floor, and the shiplap on the walls!!! It’s the start of a Chip and Jojo project!!! I love it!!!

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